Jamaica: Jamaica tourist guide

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Jamaica is a small state on the island in the Caribbean Sea, discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1494. The country is known for a number of picturesque mountains. The highest point of the country is the Blue Mountain. The rivers of this beautiful island are fast and short. Jamaica is also rich in mineral springs. The ancient capital of Jamaica, Spanish Town, is famous for the cathedral of Santiago, built in Baroque style. The modern capital of Jamaica, Kingston, has few historical monuments.
Kingston is of special interest as a tourist destination and has a metropolitan flavor. Its advantages are a wide range of hotels of different categories, endless beaches, restaurants and lively nightlife. Nearby there is an underwater park for diving enthusiasts and golf courses. The annual summer festival of reggae music attracts thousands of visitors.
In the tourist area tourists often visit Fort Montego, St. James Church, an old jail, Burchell’s Memorial Church, Blue Hole Museum, magnificent Rose Hall, Indian Art Gallery, Havens Gallery , the museum with a beautiful collection of antique furniture, an underwater park as well as magnificent beaches.
Like any capital in the world, Kingston is a city of contrasts. If you decide to walk, you will not see many attractions in the capital apart from the Bob Marley Museum, Devon House and Downtown.
Devon House is located at the intersection of Hope Road and Waterloo Road. It is home to the first black millionaire in Jamaica. chardham yatra package by helicopter are the venue for annual fairs on Independence Day, Easter and Christmas Day. Here one can buy traditional Jamaican clothes, souvenirs and other things.
The Museum is a symbol of pacifist reggae music. On the ground floor you can see the door of the recording studio of the singer. After his death, the door has been permanently blocked. On the second floor we see the residential apartments with a bed and a guitar, a bicycle and some personal belongings of Marley. The entire room is covered with newspaper clippings, counting the performances of the singer.

Downtown is the historic center of Jamaica, located on the Gulf Coast in the south of the city. Maybe this place is famous only for the reputation of the most dangerous place in Kingston.
Jamaica Attractions include Montego Bay, the most visited place of the Caribbean Sea. Its sandy beaches and luxury hotels are comparable to Acapulco in Mexico. Local resources are also associated with the healing of mineral springs and limestone-rich mountains.
The resources of Jamaica are found in different parts of the island, and each of them has its own peculiarities. The rocky coastline of the north of the island contrasts with the narrow strip of beach in the center, which is rightly called the Riviera of Jamaica. Most of the island is represented by the limestone mountain plateau framed by the blue mountains in the east with a broad plain in the south. Due to the high seismic activity of the island, earthquakes are frequent, but not too dangerous.
Negril is famous for its wide white sandy beaches and beautiful nature. This large and lively resort hotel coexists with small cozy hotels. Visitors can enjoy a withe range of water sports or take a walk to the nearby waterfalls, and at night you can go on a small trip on a catamaran to admire the stunning colors of the sunset. This is one of the most environmentally friendly resorts in the world. Further south, along the Negril coast, it is possible to visit the desert, but unbelievably beautiful Alligator Pond.

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