A Comparison of iPhone And iPhone 3G

The movement that iPhone entered market brought a technological transformation in the cell phone market. People found some blemishes while enjoying it. So based upon the weakness of iPhone, Apple Inc. launched the second generation of iPhone, iPhone 3G in 9th June, 2008 which had actually been boosted in numerous components. So we will make a comparison of both generations to see exactly what had actually been altered in iPhone 3G.

1. Overviews.
As is my phone blacklisted could see from the images that the shades of iPhone is part black and component white. However iPhone 3G is completely black or completely white. The covering of iPhone was steel while the 3G’s was plastic so the 3G is a little lighter compared to iPhone. And concerning the dimension of two cell phones, 3G is a little larger than iPhone which is difficult to been found by eyes.

2. Text
Comparing to iPhone, iPhone 3G took lessons from the design of MacBook Air, so the arc on the back of cell phone made the phone looks far more lovely. The other point was that the earphone adapter that was a large issue in the previous Apple items was boosted. The 3.5 mm headphone jack was made on the side of the cell phone and it makes every kind of headphones feasible to be used.

3. Networks
The distinction of networks was most apparent difference of both cell phones. iPhone did not sustain the 3G networks that made it a target to be slammed by the medias. This time around, iPhone 3G had stepped up to 3.5 G level and assistance WCDMA/HSDPA networks. According to Jobs’ claiming the rate is much faster compared to Nokia N95.

4. Built-in functions
Another advantage of iPhone 3G was that GENERAL PRACTITIONER module was included which supports the mobile navigation and place search. The cam coincided as iPhone, but for the GPS, it could provide the geographic grid of the pictures. The cell phone could record the latitude, longitude and altitude of the shooting areas. And the photo aspect per inch (ppi) of iPhone 3G increased to 163 ppi from 160 ppi of iPhone without any renovation of the screen and distinguishability.

5. Battery
The battery of iPhone 3G was still developed as taken care of as iPhone. The standby time and speaking time of iPhone 3G had increased a lot by comparing to iPhone. The speaking time in 2 G networks increased from 8 hrs to 10 hrs and the standby time increased from 250 hours to 300 hrs. However the on the internet time, music and video having fun time did not changed contrasting from the past. Besides, there is a tool in the sales bundle of iPhone 3G to assist the customers take out the SIM card conveniently.

6. Software application
The improvement of iPhone 3G in software application was effective. It could support numerous languages, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other Asian languages. And it sustain gesture acknowledgment. The iPhone 2.0 firmware can sustain AppStore software program shop that the designer around the world could release by complimentary or offer iPhone software program through the shop.

7. Rate
The last distinction that the customers might experience themselves was the cost of both mobile phone. iPhone 3G was only 199 dollars when it initially come into the market. So it was cheaper compared to iPhone.

All these differences put together, we can find the difference of iPhone and iPhone 3G plainly. Yet in all they are cell phones, though they have distinctions, but they would not change significantly. They are Apple’s cell phones.

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