Stay Streaming Your Trade Show

Live streaming your trade show presence has several major advantages – the most important of which is expanding your audience. With canelo vs ggg live stream occurring in only a few cities, it’s very likely you’ll want to reach people that cannot attend in person. Based on, 50 percent of the largest U.S. trade shows take place in Las Vegas, Orlando or Chicago. Live streaming and creating virtual occasions provides interested parties an option to remain involved even if in – person attendance is not an option.

Shows and exhibitors continue to locate new and innovative ways to incorporate virtual events in their general plan. For example, live streaming was over at CES 2015.


Live streaming basically just calls for a camera, audio and an Internet connection. Gear will change – for instance, you might want to have an external microphone for better audio quality. You’ll also need monitoring applications to compress your movie into a digital stream. If you are unsure of where to begin, there are many companies that can provide webcasting abilities for you at a reasonable cost. Some big names are Ustream and livestream.

There are lots of ways to utilize this digital technology. By way of example, you can stream important events such as press conferences and presentations. You might even offer you a feed right to your booth and show product presentations. You might also use a digital presence as a different platform to promote brand awareness.


One of the most important components to include in any virtual event is interactivity. It’s possible to display interactive diagrams or brochures on the internet to incorporate the virtual viewer in the experience. You can make online surveys and ease comments or queries. Establish one – on – one meetings virtually as you want with live booth attendees.

You could also create a theater – like presentation right at your booth. Set up a monitor so that virtual attendees can ask questions. For almost any presenters or key speakers you may have, a virtual audience only increases the significance of them too.

Dedicate one of your booth staffers into the virtual audience – this individual will be responsible for answering questions that come in almost, responding to social media posts and boosting additional engagement.

Though the primary advantage of live streaming is just that – it is live – footage may also be utilized for several post – event functions. You can produce your event for a video – on – need for folks to view at a later time. Your provider can continue to keep these videos protected and choose a select crowd.

Recordings can be used for coaching purposes internally or simply to keep on expanding your reach after the trade show is finished. You can also use recordings of previous trade shows to help build hype for upcoming events.

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